Calvary Christian Church




A Poetic Prayer of Salvation

Unto thee, dear Father,

Through the blood of Christ, Thy Son,

Inspired by the Spirit

Of the Holy Ghost, I’ve come.

To say that I’m a sinner!

Truly sorry for my sins!

Pleading for forgiveness

That I may be born again!

I lay my life before Thee!

I surrender every part!

I bow, myself, before Thy throne!

I give, to Thee, my heart!

Shine Thy Light upon it!

Seek and find all of my sins!

Eradicate my wicked ways,

And wash me “white,” within!

Fully, I surrender

In acceptance of Thy Son!

For I believe He gave His life

That sinners might be won!

I believe Christ Jesus

Went to Calvary, for me;

Where, He hung and bled, and died

To save and set me free!

I believe He conquered hell

And made ol’ death behave!

And, with Almighty power,

He ascended from the grave!

To give, to me, eternal life

And power over sin;

That I may live my life for Him,

As one who’s born again!

So from this very second,

“I AM SAVED!” and headed home.

For now, I’m wholly Thine, O Lord.

Thine!  And Thine, alone.


(Written By: Gale C. Taylor, a member of Calvary Christian Church)


Copyright © 2000

All rights reserved