Calvary Christian Church


Pastor's Biography

Pastor Robert M. Green   

Few have served so faithfully or, with fervor, have preached so forcefully as Pastor Robert M. Green! As one of 11 children raised by Christian parents in Arlington, VA, he was taught from the Bible as a child. And it was at the early age 11, that he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. When he was 17 years of age, his career goal was to become an accountant. But realizing that God had a greater work for him to do, this young man of faith heard, and heeded, God?s call to preach! Therefore, after finishing high school, he began to study God?s Word, and the work of evangelism (the ministry that God was leading him to pursue). During that time, he was ordained Minister, by Pastor John Mearse, of Evangel Temple, Washington, D.C., and went on to briefly serve as Associate Minister there. Meanwhile, as God would have it, he met and fell in love with a lovely Christian, Annie M. Sherrod. As God continued to orchestrate his life, young Rev. Green committed to serve the Lord 100%, in full-time ministry when he was 20 years old; then, went on to wed his lovely bride the following year. In those early years, with his wife?s full support, Rev. Green became an evangelist__whereas, he preached to, prayed for, and ministered unto the needs of many throughout this great land__for a total of 13 years. Over the course of time, he also served on the ministerial staff of the Peoples? Church, Washington, D.C. But it was in 1977, that he was called into the pastorate of Calvary Christian Church, Washington, D.C., where there went out a ?Macedonia cry? from a congregation in need of a pastor. To this day, Pastor Green has faithfully, and honorably, served this office: winning the lost to Christ, and encouraging God?s people to live according to God?s Word! To his credit, Pastor Green also serves God in numerous other roles, including his service as: Board member of the Peoples? Church, Washington, D.C.; Member of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International (for 43 years); Assistant Endorser of the NCMAF (Natl. Conference on the Ministry to the Armed Forces); Assistant Endorser of the ECVAC (Endorsers Conference for Veteran Affairs Chaplaincy); and more?all to the glory of God! The congregation of Calvary Christian Church is honored to be under spiritual guidance of Pastor Robert M. Green!